The Man from another world

The Man from another world
I have found a Man whose heart burns with Love
He came from a world far from my world
He has the smell of a thousand flowers
His lips are made by a Smile of Happiness
He has soft skin, softer than silk
Yet he is made of the strongest gems inside

I fell for Him and gave him my heart
He gave me words, words I never thought existed
He was my ink, my pen and my melody
Once I had been an infidel, almost lost myself
Yet He Loved me, even gave me respect and honor when I’ve lost them
And He Loved me even more…

I’ll never be the same because of him

Then I’ve learned how he could be broken, broken because of Love
The Man also Loved another
Everything was lost
Then…suddenly, he came back to his world
And Distance has won
Love has left me and I cannot Love anymore, not even myself
Yes, I’ve forgotten what Love is and cannot define it anymore

I have become a creature unknown of the greatest powers and wonders of Love
I am filled with passion and yearnings of life but without Love

The Man is a memory, a memory which marks
My history, my now and what will be
I wish for the Man a Love
I wish to come to him and offer him songs
Songs to make him asleep in tender tunes
Melodies to heal him
Let him rest, let him sleep

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