A Need Unspoken

To face life’s challenges
With no one beside you

To struggle to maturity
With no one to give a pat on the back

To let go of people you loved
With no one to give you a hug

To feel so all alone
With no one who’ll take time to listen

To shed tears by yourself
With no one to shed it with

To tell yourself “I’m fine”
With no one to say “are you sure?”

To try forgetting your sorrows
With a pain that lingers

To run from your fears
With no one to show care

To keep silent…
When all you wanted is to scream your heart out!


To You

You are words
Waiting to be read
You don’t know
What mysteries you posses

You are a sound
Waiting to be heard
You have your own share
Of music to the world

You can put up a smile
And make an illusion that you are fine
You can show so much
And regret what you offered

You can give
And leave nothing left
You can keep
And let silence define you

You must breathe
Fill your lungs with beauty
You can cry
Till someone hears you

You can be you
Or can be she or him
You must fight
What this world dictates


Mon Cheri
Mon Cheri

Learning to let go

Of someone you long for

Is like an amputation

Of a part of your body

Or choosing little deaths

Every day

Learning to let go

Of someone you desire

Is as the loss of capability

Of your tastebuds

To taste food

Every day

Learning to let go

Of someone you want

Is the same as taking away

The Sun and Rain

To a growing flower Every day


Learning to let go

Of someone you love

Is like the sight

Of a Rainbow after a storm

Bringing hope

Every day

To Exhaustion

Taken from http://fineartamerica.com/featured/exhausted-angie-lua.html
Painting by Angie Lua

I feel your weight on my body
But I cannot see you
I cannot know where to find you
You reside my shoulders
Weaken my arms Limit my legs
Drown my chest Pull down my head
Stiffen my bones
And you run in all my blood vessels
You are as a disease
Creeped in unnoticed
A surprise when I woke up
I want to know where you are
So I can tell you to
Leave me!
My back longs for the bed
Yet I know that the bed will not suffice
I told Brain to ignore you
But Brain will give in soon
And Heart will do the same too
Leave me!
Leave me now!

To Courage

There are no hands willing to help
No voices that ask “how are you’s?”
The only sound that I hear
Is the sound of my fearful heart
It beats faster
And my breathing grows harder
As if there is a weight so heavy
Upon my chest

Do I have choices?
No…the hurtful answer
Oh! There’s one!
Said the voice inside me
To have no fear
Yes! Be strong and of good courage!

Add a little more patience
Endure a little more pain
You’ll never know how much you can endure
Unless you try
The pain will be felt lesser
And you’ll get used to it
Be not afraid

To Liberty

Photo by Jen Floresta
Photo by Jen Floresta

To be seen more than naked
To be vulnerable
To be exposed
It is what I fear the most

Should I hide?
Should I close my doors?
Should I “guard”?
It is what I fear the most

I want to laugh
I want to be known
I want to cry
It is what I dream the most

I can be still
I can rest
I can be me
It is what He wants the most

To allure
To give life
To be needed
It is what I am the most

Think of me

In the stillness of the night
I do think of you
As the nocturnal sound go loud
I do think of you

Forgive me, mon cheri
I do think of you
As the pain goes deeper
I do think of you

When the cold winds of the night comes
I do think of you
As the new sun appears
I do think if you

When all the lights were shut
I do think of you
When I sleep and when I dream
I do think of you

Do not fret, my love
I do think of you
As long as I can
I will think of you